After the final performances of both the junior and senior students, several Awards and scholarships are presented to students of the Guild. The Awards and scholarships come under the following categories:

Fran Gallagher Memorial Award

This award is given to the most outstanding classical student of the year.  To receive this award, which is given in honour of the late Fran Gallagher, who was the Guild’s pianist for many years, the student must display musical awareness, technique and dedication in the art of classical ballet. 

2016 Recipient was Gabriella Millen

The awardee is presented with a perpetual cup and receives a financial award of the first class of Term 1 & 2 fees (in the following year) being deducted from their Term account.

Where awardees are undertaking further tertiary studies, the awardee also receives the privilege of being able to return to the Guild during term breaks to participate in classes at no cost.

Algeranoff Scholarships

Scholarships are presented in memory of a previous Guild teacher Algeranoff.  Algeranoff was born Harcourt Algernon Leighton Essex in London in 1903 and danced under the name of Harcourt Algeranoff. 

Algeranoff was a ballet dancer and choreographer and began his career as a character soloist.  He was most famous for partnering Anna Pavlova.  Algeranoff adopted Pavlova's dance philosophy of blending conventional ballet with multi-cultural and ethnic dances. In addition to traditional Western dance, he studied Japanese and Indian dancing. He partnered Pavlova in Russian Dance and impressed audiences with his performances in Oriental Impressions and Don Quixote.

Algeranoff was a member of several dance companies and also choreographed for the International Ballet Company and the Carl Rosa Opera Company. During the 1950s he served as ballet master for the Norwegian State Opera and Ballet Company, the Borovansky Ballet Company (Australia), and the North-West Victorian Ballet Society (Now the Mildura Ballet & Dance Guild).

Harcourt Algeranoff died tragically in an auto accident near Robinvale on April 7, 1967.

The Algeranoff Scholarships are awards of excellence chosen by each teacher for dedicated students who have displayed a very high level of dance skills and positive attitude.  The 2015 scholarships were presented as follows.

2015 Algeranoff Scholarship Recipients:

Junior: Tayvia Wilkie-Eggmolesse
Intermediate: Giordana Callipari
Senior: Mahalia Brouwers


Junior: Isabella McDonald
Intermediate: Jorja Oborne
Senior: Yasmin Williams


Junior: Laynie Young
Intermediate: Chelsey Ryan
Senior: Keelin Darcy


Junior: Charlotte Fleri
Intermediate: Harper Young
Senior: Melissa Panetta


Beginner: Eva Black         
Intermediate: Nathan Zappia
Senior Kaitlyn Hoyle

Awardees are presented with a trophy and a financial reward.  The financial reward being the first class of Term 1 fees (for the class in which the award was received) to be at no charge for Term 1 of the following year.

Teachers Award

In 2001, the Guilds teachers introduced a new award being the “Teachers Award”.  This Award is presented to a student who has demonstrated abilities and aptitude in various forms of dance.  An inaugural shield is presented to the recipient of the Teachers Award.

In 2016 the Recipient was: Amy Cottrell

Bill and Heather Saunders Encouragement Award

The Saunders award is a prestige award established In 2007.  The award was established through a generous donation by the late Mr Bill Saunders.  Mr Saunders was a school teacher who believed in nurturing young talented dancers and the annual financial award of $200 is presented by the senior classical ballet teacher to the most promising classical ballet student of the Guild.

Mr and Mrs Saunders were great patrons of the ballet and wished for a legacy that would both inspire and motivate young students to follow their dreams. 
The 2015 Recipient was: Grace Costa

Lindsay Zoch Performance Awards

Lindsay Zoch is a previous Guild student now living in Melbourne.  Lindsay has long supported the Guild’s annual performance and in 2009 the Guild determined to honour Lindsay’s contribution by the introduction of the Performance Awards.  Performance awards are presented to students who excel not only technically as a dancer, but have either a special flair for performance, or having excelled in a particular performance.

2016 Performance Award Receipients was:

Junior Theatrical - Demi Op de Coul
Senior Theatrical - Kathryn Morey
Junior Classical - Laura Costa
Senior Classical - Max Golsworthy
Contemporary Encouragement - Annabel Hocking


RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Exam Awards

Although the Guild has entered students in examinations for classical ballet for many years, in 2007 the committee sought to recognise the hard work and dedication by implementing awards for those students who had excelled in their dance examinations.  The dux award is granted to the student who receives the highest recognition for the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) examinations.

The 2016 Dux for Grade examinations was: Giordana Callipari

The 2016 Dux for Vocational Grade examinations was:  Grace Costa


Tapatak OZ Examination Awards

The Tapatak OZ exam award is granted to students who have received the highest recognition for the Tapatak OZ examinations

The 2016 Dux recipients were:

Junior School: Taya Higgins

Senior School: Ellie Op de Coul


Des Tobin Award

2012 saw the introduction of a new award at the Mildura Ballet & Dance Guild.  To be eligible for this award the recipient needs to have displayed outstanding contributions to the Guild.  The recipient can be any member of the Guild family who has demonstrated their commitment to the Guild by providing service that benefits the continuing success of the Mildura Ballet & Dance Guild.

The 2016 recipient were:  Sarah & Darren Ashcroft

Life Membership

This is an Honorary Title only.  This membershp exists to recognise the valuable contribution of individuals to the current and future existence of the Mildura Ballet & Dance Guild Incoprorated.  It is therefore only to be awarded in exceptional circumstances via the process approved by the Committee of the Guild.

In 2016 Life Membership was presented to Betty Rogers