Tapatak Oz

Tapatak Oz is the syllybus taught at the Mildura Ballet and Dance Guild.

Tapatak Oz is the creation of Director of Christine Denny.  Like many dance teachers, Christine grew up with dancing – with her mother having a very successful dance school for over 40 years. After completing her tertiary dance education in the UK, Christine returned to Australia and began teaching. What started out as a few hours a week quickly grew into a full time occupation and saw her teaching hundreds of students each week all over Sydney at many of the country’s leading performing arts institutes and dance schools. 20 years on Christine wanted to collate and document what she had learnt and taught during this time. The result is TAPATAK OZ!!

Christine Denny’s mission is to foster a passion for tap within the dance community. To allow students to develop their own unique style and tapping voice by giving them the technical fundamentals to enable them to do so confidently!  To give teachers a fun and technically challenging format. And to provide a syllabus that encourages individuality and creativity. We want to put the fun back into Tap whilst engaging the students and giving them a firm understanding of rhythm and its possibilities!

For more information, please click on the following link www.tapatakoz.com.au